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Aug 24, 2017

Hey there, James P. Friel again and I’m so thankful you’ve joined Dean and me for another episode of Just The Tips. This one is pretty special because it features our crazy friend, the Queen of Kapow, Liz Benny. I really wanted to bring Liz on the show because her story is one that is truly inspirational. I know you hear that a lot these days, but success stories don’t any better than this. Liz was as down as down and out gets. All kinds of trouble was going on in her life - and then - she decided to change it. And change it she did. You’ve got to hear Liz’s story. If she can do what she did, you can do what you need to do. I’m sure of it.

Working her way toward success in a moldy, cold apartment over 12 months’ time.

When things are bad you only have two options. You can resign yourself to it and sulk and moan. Or you can do something about it. Liz Benny decided she’d do something about it simply because she knew that if she didn’t her life would continue to follow the negative, incredibly painful path it was already taking. Liz tells her story on this episode of Just The Tips and you need to check your pulse if you listen and are not moved to go out and change your world.

The power of envisioning your future to be terrible - unless you take action.

One of my goals for the Just The Tips podcast is to give you, the listener, practical and powerful tips taken directly from the stories of our incredible guests. When I asked Liz Benny what it was that enabled her to make such a tremendous change in her life in only 12 months she said that some people are motivated by the carrot, while others are motivated by the stick. She is a stick person. She needed a very negative consequence to keep her going. What motivated her was to envision what her life would be like in 12 months if she did not make changes. That terrible future reality is what motivated her to do whatever it took to make her life different. What she was able to accomplish is truly impressive and Dean and I want you to hear Liz's story on this episode.

How Liz Benny became the Queen of Kapow. And what the heck does it mean, anyway?

One of the funny things Liz has become known for is that she is the Queen of Kapow! It was in one of her very first online videos that she used the word “kapow” and from that moment on it has stuck with her. The word has become so associated with her that her followers often take pictures of themselves with the word “kapow" and send it to her as an encouragement. What does she mean when she says it? That's a great question and one that we wanted answered on this episode of Just The Tips. Liz has a pretty special definition of the word and you'll be very intrigued by how she explains it.

Life as a course creator is a living hell if you don’t do it right.

One of the things Liz created that caused her business to explode once she was initially successful is an online course that teaches others how to build their own online course. Her course is unique in that it teaches you exactly what to do, step by step. Think of it as digital hand-holding as you work your way through the process of putting together their own video course. But Liz stresses that if you don't set your course up properly it will drive you crazy. She doesn't want that for you and neither do we, so please, whatever you have to do, listen to this episode to learn how you can do it the right way.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:42] Why Dean and I have invited the Queen of Kapow onto the podcast.
  • [10:53] Liz’s journey from rags to riches and success.
  • [15:13] How did Liz motivate herself to accomplish so much in 1 year.
  • [24:37] Creating a course/program to help others build their own thing online.
  • [31:23] How you can connect with Liz Benny.

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