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Sep 27, 2018

As listeners to Just the Tips know, I am all about systems. You put a system in place and get it running smoothly and you open up hectares of time for high-value work. On today’s episode, we have a guest who puts my love of automation to shame. Magnus Unemyr has worked in software development and the Internet of Things for 25 years, and has really dedicated himself to marketing automation and marketing with artificial intelligence and the internet-of-things. Specifically, he’s figured out how to combine AI and IoT to create an automated, state-of-the-art marketing system. Hold onto your hats. We discuss what we mean when we say AI, how you can use it for your business, and some great AI-gone-wrong stories. This is some Spielberg stuff right here.

Artificial intelligence marketing for small businesses

So artificial intelligence sounds like a very expensive tool for small businesses to adopt, but as Magnus told us, there are cost-effective solutions for even smaller companies, like website chatbots or Facebook Messenger chatbots. But there are other options as well, including using artificial intelligence for email marketing, determining the optimal send time for emails to individuals. And there are already Google AdWords optimization tools to help you improve your ROI for your ads. This is truly cutting edge stuff, and I think Just the Tips listeners will be fascinated by these options.

Artificial intelligence sounds great! What is it?

Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days, in the news, in various sales pitches. And there is a lot of fear of it, and questions of what it can and can’t do. So I had to ask Magnus how he defines AI, and he had a surprising answer. Magnus told us we don’t actually have artificial intelligence at the moment, what we really mean is machine learning and predictive analytics. The difference is that now what we have software that essentially uses advanced computing to solve problems. But what Magnus calls “strong AI” is more akin to a software robot who can learn to build things they haven’t been pre-programmed to do at all. We’re not there yet, but there are already a lot of applications for Just the Tips users in the “soft” AI currently available.

How artificial intelligence marketing can help with lead generation

Nearly every business is looking for quality lead generation, so I had to ask Magnus—after dipping into some scary AI stories—how artificial intelligence can facilitate lead-gen. Without even blinking he discussed options such as automated or semi-automated content generation and curation. Content curation tools can help a business save a lot of time to find content that’s worth sharing. But if you move a little further down into the marketing funnel, there are a lot of tools that can help with conversion rate optimization (CRO). For instance, there is a tool that can generate hundreds of thousands of different designs of a landing page, and assess a user’s preferences and show them the one that would work best for them. That’s just one instance of an extremely useful tool you’ll hear about on this episode of Just the Tips, the business podcast OF THE FUTURE.

Lead generation and lead scoring through artificial intelligence

One of the uses for artificial intelligence in marketing that really perked up my ears was using it to assist with lead scoring. Lead scoring is a very important piece of lead generation, but it’s also a very manual process. So selfishly, I asked Magnus what tools are out there that can help with this, and was surprised to find out there are a number of them already on the market. This is a really eye-opening episode of Just the Tips that proves the future is now. You can get ahead of the curve by listening to this episode and applying some of these solutions to your marketing today.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:00] How Magnus became obsessed with automation and AI
  • [5:04] Can small businesses use AI, or is it just a deep-pocket game?
  • [9:15] What do we mean when we say “AI”?
  • [10:57] What happened with Facebook’s AI. and why they shut it down
  • [14:24] How AI facilitates marketing
  • [19:38] Predictive lead scoring
  • [25:28] Is hardware the next step for marketers?
  • [27:29] How Amazon uses AI

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