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Nov 9, 2017

As you know, and as many of our guests on Just the Tips have said before, being a successful entrepreneur is difficult, consuming work. The same could be said about being in a successful relationship. That makes it all the more fascinating that the guests on today’s show are doing both of those things so well. Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero have launched dozens of successful businesses and two years ago embarked on their latest and largest endeavor, Pyjama Bosses, their software and training company for network marketers. Dean and I had a lot of fun talking with this power couple, and you’re going to appreciate how open and honest they are not only about their business but how they make it work balancing startups and matrimony.

How “Desperation” turned a pilot and a geneticist into an entrepreneur couple

Dean and I enjoyed hearing how Masa and Miguel first met, on a plane ride to Australia. The international couple—she’s from Slovenia, he’s from Spain—decided to make that country their home. But Miguel had difficulty finding a job as a pilot due to visa issues, while Masa held down a six-figure job as a geneticist. But she told us that she was frustrated with her own job, too, discovering her work did more to benefit pharmaceutical companies than it did people. So the two of them decided to go into business by themselves, for themselves. On this episode of Just the Tips, You’re going to be inspired by how thoughtful and mindful they are about how they made that transition and how they’re always pushing themselves—and each other—to grow.

In Australia, if you argue with your wife, you sleep with the snakes

As I said, Masa and Miguel lay it all out for listeners of Just the Tips, so when I asked them what it’s like when they have a disagreement, Miguel didn’t hesitate to share a surprising story about how they make it work. One night, he and Masa were arguing, and Miguel felt he needed to take a breath and take a walk, so he ambled down the street to a park bench to cool off. He decided to lay down on the bench and, with the beautiful Australian weather providing a comfortable spot, decided to sleep off the fight. But then, he remembered that the poisonous snakes of Australia would have other ideas, so he hurried back to his wife, and made up. As Masa told us: “Certainly there have been very hard times. But you have to get your minds really clear and really together.” You’re going to want to hear how they do that.

What is work/life balance when work is your life?

Just like any entrepreneur, Masa and Miguel face the difficult task of separating their work from the rest of their life. It goes double for them since they are business partners and husband and wife. But you’ll be able to learn a lot from how they toss aside the conventional wisdom that says you need that bright line between your work and your home life. As you hear Masa explain their routine of starting the day, walking the dog, discussing what’s coming up for the day in their business and what they hope the outcomes will be, you’ll see that if you’re already living your passion, there’s no need to compartmentalize them.

Being an entrepreneur “compresses a 40-year career into three months”

Masa and Miguel are so smart about starting a business and so focused on personal growth, it’s no wonder that things have moved quickly for them. They started Pyjama Bosses two years ago and it’s grown exponentially since. Masa talks about how it’s important to not fall in love with your own idea and ensure there’s a market for your product before pursuing it. She talks about one fateful conversation that kickstarted their new venture and set them on a path to success. You’re not going to want to miss this episode of Just the Tips, which more than fulfills the promise of providing useful tips for any entrepreneur

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:36] How Miguel and Masa met
  • [6:52] The factors that led to their lives as entrepreneurs
  • [10:38] How they started Pyjama Bosses
  • [14:51] The good, the bad and the ugly of working as a couple
  • [20:00] The stresses of growing a business together
  • [26:53] Balancing work and life as an entrepreneur couple
  • [32:16] Finding they’re suddenly software developers

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