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Aug 3, 2017

You may not even know what the term “bridge marketing” means - but that’s OK. Dean and I have Arthur Tubman on the show to explain it. Arthur is a guy I’ve known for some time who is killing it as an internet marketer - and the way he’s doing it is not your typical approach. I don’t want to give it all away before you listen to this episode but let’s just say it includes Facebook Fan Pages, adding engaging content, and making money as a result. Yep, it works, to the tune of 6 figures. Arthur doesn’t hold anything back as he explains his bridge marketing approach so make sure you take the time to listen to this episode of Just The Tips.

How can you know if something is a hot niche or not? Arthur has it dialed-in.

When it comes to selling products, no matter what they might be or where you are selling them, you need to make sure that you’re selling things that people really, really, REALLY want. That’s one of the most often missed but simplest business principles. Arthur Tubman says it’s all about discovering what the hot niches are, and then using bridge marketing to transition the fans of that hot niche into a purchasing customer base. How do you do it? I’m glad you asked because Arthur tells exactly what he does, on this episode.

Once you discover a niche that is truly hot you’ll know it.

Arthur Tubman has been experimenting with Facebook groups and fan pages for quite a while and he’s been very methodical in determining what makes for a hot niche that’s worth marketing to and what simply isn’t. On this episode, Arthur shares three criteria he uses to determine if a niche is truly hot and explains what can happen if you get it right. But he also shares some of his niche failures - one in particular that involves delicious Chinese food and a gut instinct that he shouldn't have been doing what he was doing. Man, sometimes you just have to listen to the gut!

How to reverse engineer bridge marketing for products you already sell.

One of the things that is so intriguing to me about the concept of bridge marketing is that it seems like you could reverse engineer the process to build a raving fan base around the type of products you already sell. To satisfy my curiosity I asked the only guy I know who knows the ins and outs of bridge marketing, Arthur Tubman. Arthur says it’s possible, but you’ve got to be very careful on a couple of things to ensure it’s worth your time and the money it’s going to cost you to get it rolling. What are those two things? Arthur tells us on this episode of Just The Tips.

When you know how to use Facebook Insights to market to fan page members, wow. Just wow.

One of the staggering things about what Arthur Tubman has done is that he’s built a rabid audience base that loves the products he offers them. That’s because he’s tapped into what he calls a “hot niche” and gets those interested in it to gather inside a Facebook group. It’s a perfect, captive audience that he’s then able to provide with products they want. Arthur has taken this bridge marketing approach to the highest of heights and is building similar campaigns for others as well. You can hear the amazing numbers and sales figures Arthur has experienced, on this episode of the show.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:38] The overwhelmingly amazing project Arthur Tubman has been working on.
  • [3:44] What is a “hot niche” and why is it such a powerful marketing approach?
  • [8:50] How can you implement bridge marketing from a hot niche fan page?
  • [12:23] What kind of sales approach does Arthur take in these communities?
  • [15:23] Reverse engineering communities to match your existing products.
  • [18:40] What it takes to build these communities in the first place.
  • [25:51] Creating your own version of a cable TV channel in your group.

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