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Nov 12, 2020

Black Friday is a huge opportunity to give your bottom line a shot in the arm and get your message or product in front of your customers. People are already in buying mode and eager to spend money.


Yet a lot of businesses hesitate to give their business that influx of cash because they believe one of the following myths:


  • My business isn’t the ‘right kind’ for a Black Friday campaign
  • An effective Black Friday campaign requires rock-bottom pricing
  • I have to create a brand new offer


It’s not as difficult as you may believe to craft an irresistible offer that compels people to buy. It doesn’t need to be new. And you absolutely do NOT need to “race to the bottom.”


This week’s episode is jam-packed with strategies you can use to create Black Friday campaigns from your current offers; with ideas for quickly creating new offers; and with real-life examples to tease your Black Friday offer in a way that creates scarcity and builds excitement for that influx of cash on Black Friday weekend.


Whether you need fresh inspiration to create this year’s Black Friday campaign, or just have no idea where to start with a Black Friday offer, find the answers you need in this week’s episode.


Avoiding The Race To The Bottom

Slashing prices is the easiest way to create a Black Friday offer, but is it the best way? Not according to James! He actually calls it the WORST way. (What if you don’t have the margins to discount your products?) Creating a juicy and profitable Black Friday offer comes down to choosing something your customers want so badly, price becomes a non-issue. Catch this episode for examples of what that an offer like that can look like.

Why There’s Still Time

A killer Black Friday offer doesn’t mean you have to create entirely new products. That’s definitely a great option, but it’s not the only option. Consider a valuable live training--such as a masterclass--for anyone who buys a certain product. That product can be digital, but online trainings work great for physical products, too.

Here’s Where To Start With Your Offer

If you don’t yet have an offer together, first, sit down (with your team if you have one) and look at all the offers you DO have. What can you do with them? And make sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re equipped to handle the volume. Start mapping things out NOW, so you’re prepared for that influx. James and Dean go over this in more detail in the episode (including how to avoid aggravating your customers because you’re not prepared).

Don’t Censor Your Ideas

When you sit down to brainstorm, NEVER censor your ideas, or your team’s. Even if they seem beyond insane, let them fly. The point of brainstorming isn’t to share “the best” ideas. It’s to turn the creativity faucet on full-blast, which cannot happen if you’re judging your ideas. No, makeup brushes that include a hot pink zebra won’t be your winner, but it might trigger the WINNING idea for your Black Friday offer. Bring on those ideas!

Build Excitement And Create Scarcity

Dean and his wife have their cosmetic ecommerce company’s Black Friday campaign ready to go. It will be their third year running a Black Friday campaign, and they’ve got all sorts of strategies in play to create excitement and scarcity. There’s a LOT of great ideas you can model for your Black Friday campaign. Take notes on this part of the episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • When people are buying, they want to keep buying [5:15]
  • Avoiding the “need” to discount [9:30]
  • Combining physical with digital [15:15]
  • Where to start [21:18]
  • How to brainstorm ideas (and how not to) [24:45]
  • Designing your campaign [34:49]
  • Building excitement and scarcity [40:10]

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