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Nov 19, 2020

“Do I need to change the font in my order button? Do I need a better upsell? Do I need a better picture on my Facebook ad?”


Questions like these are often the first to pop into a new marketer’s mind when their marketing campaign doesn’t fill their bank account like they hoped, and here’s why.


It’s a lot easier and a lot sexier to focus on tactics, like order button colors and how many upsells you have, than it is to focus on what REALLY inspires customers to buy.


But when you’ve got a truly irresistible offer with a spot-on marketing message, the color of your order button is the last thing on your customer’s mind.


In this week’s episode, master marketer Todd Brown, the secret marketing weapon even marketing legends turn to, joins James and Dean to show you what it actually takes to nail your marketing campaign.


From presenting your offers in a way that leads to sales, to writing persuasive copy that converts, Todd’s shining a light on the biggest mistakes he sees entrepreneurs make in their marketing campaigns.


If you’re struggling with anything marketing - strategy, copy, campaigns, you name it - this episode will point you straight at the money-sucking holes in your campaign, and show you how to plug them.


Everything Comes From Your Market

Whether we’re talking ice cold prospects or piping hot customers, EVERYTHING has to come from your market. It’s not about you, it’s not about your product or service, and it’s absolutely not about what you believe your market wants or think they “should” want. This is 100% true even if you are your market. If your offers, and what you do and say to market them, are not rooted in what your market actually wants, your sales will never be as high as you want. 

What Will NOT Improve Your Offer

If your product’s a dud, it’s a dud, and no amount of clever marketing or positioning can save it. If your hard back book isn’t selling, making it paperback won’t fix the problem. A new upsell won’t turn an offer no one wants into a home run. Truly irresistible offers with mediocre copy and no upsells will outperform duds with slick copy and “killer upsells.” Things like tweaking your copy and using different funnel software comes AFTER you’ve got a proven offer.

THE Top Two Ways To Make Your Offer Stand Out (And Which One To Focus On)

There are two ways to stand out in the marketplace. The first is your promise, i.e. the unique benefit you offer that competing products and services do not. For the average entrepreneurial marketer, differentiating based on promise, though it can be done, is very difficult, which is why Todd recommends most people differentiate based on mechanism. In other words, focus on making HOW your offer delivers the result in a way that’s new and different.

Being Different Isn’t Enough

Highlighting how you’re different is how you get attention, but by itself it’s not enough to create a perfect marketing campaign. That part comes from part proving to your prospect why your product’s mechanism is superior. How will it get them there faster? Why will it work for them even if they’ve failed, or even if they have no experience? Remember, this isn’t about features and benefits. It’s about why the way your product delivers results is SUPERIOR matters to your prospects.

Choose Copy Clarity Over Copy Creativity

Clever, flowery copy is useless if your prospects have no idea what you’re talking about, because confused people don’t buy. Why would they, if they can’t tell what they’re getting and how it will help them? Instead of dreaming up slick, clever ways to talk about your offer, present it with clear, simple copy your prospect understands and relates. Clear, simple copy that proves your offer’s superiority in a way your prospects care about outperforms “creative” copy every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Outline of This Episode

  • Why anybody can be a good marketer [3:13]
  • The difference between marketing and selling [8:01]
  • Stop trying to save a dud [13:03]
  • How to make your offer stand out [22:00]
  • Skip this and you’ll attract price shoppers [26:30]
  • Show them why your offer is superior [30:15]
  • How to write copy that actually converts [44:05]

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