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Jun 28, 2018

Today’s episode of Just the Tips dives into a topic that everyone is talking about but few understand: cryptocurrency. Our guest is Brian Keith Noonan, a guy I’ve known for several years as a top marketer, but in the last couple years he’s really become a leader in the world of cryptocurrency, running The Official CryptoDynamics™ Investment Club and helping people wade into the world of Bitcoin and more. On this episode, we talk about how Brian went from internet marketing to cryptocurrency, why cryptocurrency shouldn’t scare anyone, and the biggest mistakes new investors make.

Crypto without the stress

Catching up with Brian, I had to ask him how he ended up leaving his successful work as an internet marketer and delving into online currency, and believe it or not, he said investing in cryptocurrency was actually less stressful. He’d been doing internet marketing for 15 years, and running huge ad campaigns and tracking conversion rates can wear on a person. So as he began reading more and more and about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it seemed like a field he could jump into. And while he acknowledged that cryptocurrency can be a volatile market, his work is actually to help people invest safely and without the huge risk swings. If you’ve ever been interested in cryptocurrency, you need to listen to this episode of Just the Tips.

A holistic approach to Bitcoin

Brian takes a holistic approach to cryptocurrency, advising that people diversify their crypto portfolio the way they would any other investment. He says there are some other top coins out there right now that have a bright future like Bitcoin (among the 1,500 currencies right now!), and the whole market is still in the early adopter phase. As Brian says, it allows for the democratization of money, where large banking and credit institutions don’t need to get involved. As Brian says, this could potentially cut down on corruption, as well as the small cuts that financial institutions take per transaction. It’s a really fascinating conversation, and one you’ll want to hear on this week’s Just the Tips.

Demystifying cryptocurrency

What’s so interesting about Brian’s approach is that he talks about investing in cryptocurrency not as some new gold rush, or something that is somewhat nebulous to the masses. He talks about it like any other investment. He helps people invest who have a range of interest: Some people want to sit at their computer and trade all day long, some people just want to buy and let it appreciate value and not even think about it. So for all of the new technology and the new marketplaces, really Brian treats it like any investment you’ve made before. It’s a really refreshing look at cryptocurrency, and one you’ll only hear on Just the Tips.

The biggest mistakes people make with cryptocurrency

Because it’s still in the early adoption phase, I had to ask Brian what he sees as the biggest mistake newbies make when investing in cryptocurrency. His answer? Listening to their friends. Or at the very least, diving in without knowing much, and investing in extremely unstable currencies without doing their research. As he says, if you invest in the top currencies, you’ll see some swings, but you should be fine. You need a strategy just like any other type of investment. This is a really surprising episode of Just the Tips, and an eye-opening one that demystifies cryptocurrency and makes it seem like something very approachable. As Brian says, you don’t have to be a computer geek or a tech person to invest.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:30] How Brian got started in cryptocurrency
  • [10:17] THe democratization of money
  • [12:53] Dealing with risk
  • [15:45] Diversification
  • [20:05] A refreshing take
  • [21:15] Biggest mistakes people make
  • [22:21] Brian’s cryptocurrency group

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