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Mar 15, 2018

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I welcome…nobody. We welcome nobody. Because on today’s show, Dean and I are catching up with each other about what’s happening in each other’s businesses, where we’ve been and what we have coming up. We find that we actually have a lot in common in terms of what we’re trying to achieve this year (in fairness, Dean copied me), we talk about what’s coming up on the show, and I tell Dean about a Vegas experience to end all Vegas experiences. This is a fun one.

Optimism is a double-edged sword

We started off the show hearing from Dean about what’s been happening in his business. He’s talked about it a bit on the show before, but the last 14 months have been a time of enormous transition for Dean and his team. He’s moved his office out of his home and into a beautiful new space, expanded his team and encountered numerous challenges and roadblocks along the way. Revenue was up, but as he said, he underestimated how tough the transition would be, how much it would cost, and how much he’d have to learn on the fly. And as he learned, optimism is a double-edged sword because it can push you to make big decisions, but it can also blind you from the repercussions.

The four-minute mile of presentations

On this week’s episode of Just the Tips, I told Dean about a recent trip I made to Las Vegas with Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels. He had a massive presentation, something like 8,500 people in the audience with a $3,000 offer. I’m not going to tell you here what the results were, but watching the presentation was electrifying. As I told Dean, it was like watching someone crush a four-minute mile. If you’re interested in funnels or just how to make an offer, you’ll want to listen to this episode of Just the Tips. (And you’ll really want to listen when we have Russell on the show coming up.)

Keep it simple, simply

One lesson I learned from that presentation, however, is how hard it is for people to visualize how something relates to them or their business. I talked to so many people who loved Russell’s presentation and who ended up signing up, but the thing they always said was that they didn’t see before how what Russell was speaking about related to their business. That’s why it’s so important to keep your offer simple. The more complicated your offer or your product, the more you have to explain it, and the more you’re going to have to invest in marketing to explain it. Keep it simple, but don’t be like Dean and make a complicated plan to simplify.

A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention

I read the quote in a book recently, and I can’t stress enough how true that is. Everyone wants to pick up a new idea or a new project or is afraid of missing out on the latest trend or technology. All that does is make you lose focus, and if you don’t have a direction, you’re not going to get anywhere. Let go of the fear of missing out, the FOMO, and embrace focus and simplicity. Dean and I are both aboard the simplicity train this year, and we’re really excited to see where it takes us. Stay tuned for more fun episodes like this one, and of course, with our awesome guests.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:30] Dean is the man of the hour
  • [5:03] How the year is going for Dean
  • [8:15] Optimism is a double-edged sword
  • [14:15] James’s trip to Vegas
  • [18:39] Visualization problems
  • [23:50] FOMO

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