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Feb 1, 2018

We’re so lucky on Just the Tips to always have amazing guests on the show, but today is extra-amazing. Not only is the guest a good friend of mine and someone who’s helped me quite a bit, he’s a big-time award winner. David Asarnow has won more “2 Comma Club” awards from ClickFunnels than anyone else, and he’s also won Marketer of the Year. He’s someone who is not only well-versed and well-sourced when it comes to marketing theory, he’s put it all into practice with tremendous results. If marketing is something you’re struggling with, or you’d like to better understand—and let’s be honest, that’s everybody—you’ll want to write down the indispensable tips David delivers on this episode.

Good marketing in one word

I had to ask David the most basic of basic marketing questions as a springboard, and he was able to immediately answer it with incredible insight: How do I know if marketing is good or not. And David told me he could answer that question in one word: Connection. As he put it, you can pour all of your money and time and effort into making funnels, but if you don’t have a connection to your audience, and you don’t know what they need and how you can bring value to them, then your marketing isn’t going anywhere. Which led to the next question: How do you foster that connection? And luckily David knows the answer to that, too.

Building connection with your audience

One of the problems small businesses and entrepreneurs have is not simply getting people to hear about their product or getting them to opt-in, it’s keeping them there and keeping them engaged. David told us about the need to communicate the value and impact you can bring right away. That could mean creating compelling case studies that tell people what you can do for them, or another way to show them the impact. And as David says, “simplicity is key”: Figure out how to quickly and clearly communicate the value you can bring, and don’t worry about dressing it up. The difference between a $100,000 funnel and a $10 million funnel, according to David? Simplicity. You’ll have to hear how he breaks it down.

What makes you different?

When David sits down with a new client, he asks one question right away: What’s your why? Why are you doing what you do? What makes you different than your competition. And he told this amazing story from 15 years ago when he was trying to get McDonald’s as a client for a paper and plastics company. He got a cold call with them and pitched them an embossed “M” on their packaging. And it was just that one small change that suddenly elevated their product and landed him a huge client. David has done it all, and you have to hear the advice he gives for how to differentiate yourself on this week’s episode of Just the Tips.

The key to good marketing: customers are buying into you

Every entrepreneur and small business owner believes in their products, but customers, David says, aren’t buying into products, they’re buying into you. They’re buying into your message, what they’re seeing from you and what you’re communicating to them. That passion has to come across. As we talk about on this episode, you have to be a student of the thing you’re pursuing. You have to be passionate, and that passion will come across to your customers. No one builds funnels like David Asarnow, but as he’ll tell you, it’s not about the funnels: It’s about you. If you want to unlock the secret to great marketing, you have to listen to this episode of Just the Tips.

Outline of This Episode

  • [4:07] How David got started in marketing
  • [8:45] What is good marketing?
  • [15:08] The value of focus
  • [16:23] What’s your why?
  • [21:57] How David changed McDonald’s
  • [27:03] Customers are buying into you

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