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Jul 27, 2017

Welcome back to the best podcast in the world - Just The Tips. In this episode Dean and I chat with our friend Bryan Bowman who’s possibly the most cheerful and sarcasm-killing guy on the planet. He kept Dean and I so focused on his amazing insights that we lost all track of our natural bent toward sarcasm. Bummer. That could have been fun! Bryan shared about the difference between business principles, business strategy, and business tactics and showed us why getting this wrong can limit business profits. Confused yet? You won’t be after you listen, so cue it up and get started.

Business tactics are the fun, cool stuff everyone sees. But tactics are not what create profits.

James here - when Dean and I were chatting with Bryan Bowman on this episode he told us about an experience he had recently in one of his mastermind groups. One of the members was telling how he made tons of money doing a Facebook LIVE broadcast. You know what happened, right? Bryan and everyone else in his mastermind were tempted to go right out and do a Facebook LIVE session too. Why? Because it’s the flashy, fun thing that puts you on stage (so to speak), but it’s not going to have the same impact as the other guy if you don’t have other vital stuff underneath it to support what it’s created to accomplish. What are those other things? Sorry, you have to listen to find out. :)

Do you have the right systems in place behind your flashy business tactics?

You can get a lot of traction from something like a Facebook Ad or Facebook LIVE session, but what then? Say you get lots of people responding to your call to action. Do you have a good way of processing all those leads and converting them into sales? No? Then you missed one of the vital parts of business that isn’t so cool but is definitely vital. On this episode, Bryan Bowman tells us how he discovered the importance of business principles to support his strategy and tactics, so be sure you listen.

Why are you selling the things you’re selling. Do you even know?

Bryan Bowman says that if you are selling stuff online simply as a commodity, you’re missing the opportunity of generating ongoing revenue and customer loyalty. Why? Because you’re missing the chance to create a community that goes much deeper than a simple product. It’s in a community that people connect and find a greater experience than any product and provide - even yours - no matter how cool and specially designed it is. Bryan has built that kind of community in a very effective way that you need to hear about, so don’t miss this episode of Just The Tips.

It happens all the time. People make lots of money online and are even MORE unhappy. Huh?

When you first start seeing the cash roll in because of your efforts to build a business, you'll think that the more income you receive, the easier it will be to make space for the things you want in life - family time, space for personal time, trips and stuff - but sadly, it seldom works that way. I asked Bryan Bowman to speak to that issue and he eloquently revealed how important it is to get your life into a place of prioritized balance first before the money comes. That’s the only way you are able to handle the money well. Honest, it’s true. Find out how to get there on this episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:40] Bryan Bowman’s amazing ecommerce approach: Evidence and Education.
  • [7:40] Too many people are making money yet very unhappy. Why is that?
  • [18:18] You need to understand business principles before you apply business tactics.
  • [22:03] Principles, Strategy, Tactics: What’s the difference and why do they matter?

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