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Sep 26, 2019

Are you wanting to launch a podcast but have ZERO clue where to start with podcast production? Do you know what your primary focus should be as you’re getting started? Admittedly, when we started our podcast we had no idea what we were doing—we just knew it would be fun. In this episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I chat with Ginni Saraswati of Ginna Media.

Ginni is not only a witty and personable award-winning journalist but also runs a podcast production company. She specializes in getting your voice heard and has worked with celebrities and influential organizations worldwide. She knows what it takes to create and market great content—listen to this episode for her top tips. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:20] How to create great content with Ginny Saraswati
  • [5:30] The Secret Sauce to creating great content
  • [11:20] Quality of Content trumps quality of audio
  • [15:45] Set a realistic schedule for episodes
  • [21:20] Why are you doing your podcast?
  • [25:20] Promoting your podcast
  • [30:00] Give people a way to search your podcast content
  • [33:15] How to connect with Ginni

Podcast Production begins with being unapologetically yourself

The key to great content? According to Ginni, it’s authenticity. Authenticity is the backbone of great content. Maybe you’ve heard it a million times and the word doesn’t hold the same meaning it used to—but it’s important. Podcasting is an intimate space, and people gravitate to podcasters who are unapologetically themselves.

Share your message and be true to your means of communicating it. 

You don’t need to change yourself to get more followers or listeners. This could potentially be a way to lose listeners! Gary V is a great example of someone who is unapologetically himself—with no desire to change—and delivers great content. So Ginni’s #1 tip: Focus on being yourself and delivering quality content

Create a realistic schedule you can adhere to

When you’re getting started you need to be realistic of what sort of schedule you can adhere to. From day one of podcast production, you set the bar for what your listeners expect. 

Will you produce content once a month? Bi-weekly? Every week?

Make sure you set a realistic goal you can keep up with. As you’re growing your audience, they begin to expect content from you. Honestly, they incorporate you into their daily lives. Every time you miss your release date you begin to lose credibility in their eyes.

Humans are quick to judge and quick to lose trust—so the promises you make mean everything. So deliver what you agree to deliver.

Why are you doing a podcast?

I’ll admit, Dean and I started this podcast because we thought it would be fun. Dean had never listened to a podcast before. But we know so many amazing people and knew we could create content that would resonate with people. Just the Tips was born with no real intention in mind. We are just now beginning to dive into our ‘why’ and really develop our marketing. Some things you want to consider:

Are you trying to build an audience?

Are you trying to build brand awareness?

Do you want to leverage yourself as a brand expert?

Are you concerned with download numbers? 

Do you want to entertain people or build relationships?

What are you hoping to achieve with your podcast? When you narrow down and define your ‘why’ it helps give you a clear direction on how to move forward promoting your show.

Promote your podcast by repurposing your content

Ginni tells us one of the easiest ways to promote your podcast is by repurposing your content. This can be accomplished in many different ways. She suggests recording video as well as audio—so your content can go on YouTube and be split up into video clips.

Another easy way to repurpose content? Transcribe your podcast and make it available as part of your show notes. Source key quotes from the transcript and use them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Take business quotes and use them on LinkedIn. You can take your content and create audiograms. The possibilities are endless!

There are so many ways to leverage social media to market your content. What can you implement as part of your podcast production process?

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