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Oct 19, 2017

In this episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I become marriage counselors. Well, maybe not exactly. Expert house flippers, Eric and Theresa Sage from Sage Flipping Secrets join us to let us in on 15 years of house flipping secrets. Not only do they discuss the ins and outs of real estate, but they give us the lowdown on how to successfully work together and stay happily married. The Sages understand what qualities it takes to become a successful real estate investor and how those qualities apply to running any profitable business. They just created a fantastic course based on their experience buying and selling over 500 homes that can be used by even beginning investors. Listen in to see how their Sage advice can help you with your real estate investments.

What can 15 years of experience and over 500 sales teach you?

After a successful career as a financial advisor, Theresa Sage got sick of the ups and downs of the market and decided to join forces with her husband Eric and combine their unique innate qualities to start their own real estate investing business. They had a mentor teach them how to flip houses and once they understood the money that could be made in the business they were hooked. The Sages learned early on what their own unique abilities are and they use those strengths to work well as business partners. Together they have bought and sold more than 500 houses in the past 15 years!

The ups and downs of real estate may surprise you!

Every business has its ups and downs, including real estate. Let’s just say that you’ll be surprised to hear what people will steal out of vacant houses! Eric and Theresa use their expertise to navigate the landmines of the real estate business. The Sages are scaling their house flipping business by adding courses into the mix. Their extensive experience in the business has led them to pass their knowledge onto others by teaching their successful system of flipping houses. It doesn’t have to take much money to get started in real estate and the Sages create a consistent cash flow with their Sage Flipping Secrets model. Sage Flipping Secrets is an excellent real estate course for even a novice real estate investor. If you are risk averse and want to make some money you should listen in on this episode and see if this course is right for you.

How can you attain marital bliss while running a successful business together?

After 15 years in business together the downside of working together as a couple is . . . well you’ll just have to listen to find out! The Sages give us the lowdown on how to achieve success in both marriage and in business. Eric says that it may have something to do with knowing your place, but not in the way that you are thinking!

Are you wondering what the qualities necessary to entrepreneurship are?

There are so many experts out there that claim their expertise after watching some YouTube videos or reading some business books. The Sages 15 years of real experience has given them real expertise in the field. Eric and Theresa Sage give us some excellent advice not only about real estate, but about the qualities that make a successful entrepreneur in any field. Theresa believes that if you have ambition, drive, and a true desire to help people, you can be successful in business. These are a few tidbits of their wisdom, but you’ll have to listen to get the juiciest bits!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:31] Who are Eric and Theresa Sage?
  • [5:20] The not-so-joyful part of real estate.
  • [9:03] The challenges of working together as a couple.
  • [13:51] How the Sages are scaling their business.
  • [17:32] The pro tips on flipping houses.
  • [21:22] Skills needed to be an expert house flipper.
  • [28:16] Where you can find the Sages.

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