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Feb 28, 2019

On today’s episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I dive into the much-misunderstood but vital piece of the selling puzzle, closing. And who better to talk closing with than the man who literally wrote the book on it (Closer Secrets), Randall Grizzle. Randall spent 15 years closing high-ticket deals for some of the top marketers in the world before he struck out on his own to helps closers level up their games. His company, Closer Secrets, has been around less than a year and is already closing multiple six-figure deals. Listen to this week’s episode to find out how Randall works his way through a sale, what’s in his pitch decks, and why Dean may have a leg up on other closers.

If you want to close, you have to have a game plan

Because Randall has had such tremendous success with closing high-ticket deals, I had to ask him what’s the one thing that everyone has to do, if they even dream of closing a sale. And while it may sound simple he says: You have to have a game plan. And that’s because things come up, opinions change, but if you have a game plan in place, then you can adapt and execute according to that plan. If you don’t have a game plan, then it gets awkward. And nobody likes awkward. Except for Dean. He’s all about it.

The church of the game plan

Randall is a unique thinker, and so when I asked him what a game plan looks like to him, he didn’t cite the titans of industry who have made millions on their sales. He cited Andy Stanley and Joel Osteen, two of the most famous ministers in the country. But he says if you look at those guys, who have build enormous communities, you can see the game plan. They come out every Sunday with their introduction, setting the right tempo. Then they switch to their investigation, where they probe and ask questions. Then they get into their “blast,” where they let the congregation know they have options, and then the pre-qualification commitment. You have to hear how he breaks it down on this week’s Just the Tips.

Closing is all about the process

A lot of times, when an entrepreneur is building a sales team, they’ll say, “I need a closer.” But as Randall says, that’s like building a tower from the spire down. Closing is all about the process. He walked us through what he sees as the ideal process for closing a sale, and it begins with the closer working with the person who booked a call with a potential client. He breaks down how the landing page should look, what you should be putting together for a complete pitch, and how to eliminate rejections before you even hear them.

Closing begins in pre-qualifying

One of the fascinating things that Randall says on this week’s episode of Just the Tips is that closing actually doesn’t happen at closing. Closing happens at pre-qualifying, getting that commitment at that point, so that once the proposal comes through (keep it simple), then you’ve already closed. It’s as simple as asking, “Is there any reason why we shouldn’t work together?” Randall really is on another level with closing sales, and Just the Tips listeners will gain incredible insight by listening to this week’s episode. Plus Dean’s there.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:24] How Randall got his start in sales
  • [5:20] Have a game plan
  • [10:05] Randall’s sales process
  • [17:30] Pre-qualifying a commitment
  • [19:10] Pitching the proposal
  • [24:45] What’s in a pitch deck?
  • [28:22] How Randall gets his potential clients prepared
  • [30:30] Getting in touch with Randall

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