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Aug 29, 2017

You are seriously not going to believe what Dana Derricks is doing to the publishing industry. Dana is a skilled copywriter but that's not what makes his current project so amazing. Think about this: There are books we’ve all read that have changed our lives for the better. What was that change worth to you? This much is for sure, you didn't pay what the book was worth in that case, did you? Dana says it's time for all of that to change - and he is proving it is possible by selling his own books as high ticket items. You won't believe it's really possible, but it is.

How much value does a reader need to get from your book to make the purchase price worth it?

What if I told you that I was selling a book for $300? You'd probably immediately think I was crazy and that it has to be a scam of some kind. But you only need to learn something from my book that could earn you $300 or more in order to make that purchase worthwhile, right? That's the point Dana Derricks makes on this episode. His high ticket books are selling, and for amounts much higher than the example I just gave you. You've got to hear the way he explains it because it makes total sense and it puts the power that comes from the transmission of valuable information back into the hands of authors. Derek is onto something, so make sure you listen.

What kinds of books does Dana Derricks sell for $1000 each?

One of the things Dean and I were most curious about in this conversation was the type of books that Dana is selling for such a high price. Are they nonfiction? Are they fiction? Is there any reason one would be better than another? Dana says it all depends on the value that is contained in the book. People pay thousands of dollars for online courses all the time. Why is a book any different? It can contain the same amount and depth of information and even serve as a greater resource because it's so easily accessible. Find out how Dana is changing the way people look at the value of books, on this episode.

Why do we agree that books should only cost $15? It’s crazy.

When you read a book that truly changes your life, there is no price you can put on that sort of transformation. Yet, we are willing to agree that the book itself should only cost $15 or maybe a little bit more. Why do we do that? The value contained between the covers of a book is much higher than that. That's the case Dana Derricks makes on this episode of Just The Tips, and he's not shy about it. He's been charging incredibly high prices for his most recent three books and is selling them like hotcakes. On this episode, he shares his marketing strategy and the type of sales funnel he has devised to create an even more lucrative profit than the initial sale, so be sure you give him a chance to prove to you that this approach works.

The value of anything is in the eye of the one who needs it. Even books.

Imagine that the only thing that could cure your deadly disease was a spoonful of sugar. And imagine that I was the only person in the world who had it. What would that spoonful of sugar be worth to you? You'd give anything for it because it is the one thing that can sustain your life. Now let's think about a true-to-life situation. What if a particular book has the answer you need to move your business from $5,000 in profit per month to $20,000 in profit per month? How much would that book be worth to you? How much would you be willing to pay for that information? There's no question, you would pay more than $15, which is the average price of a book these days. Find out why Dana Derricks is turning the publishing world on its head with the way he is pricing his books, on this episode.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:48] Dana’s approach to high price book sales and why he did it.
  • [5:48] What is the limit to this kind of approach?
  • [7:00] Why Dana uses affiliates to sell his books rather than other marketing channels.
  • [9:38] The kind of books that are good candidates for this high ticket approach.
  • [16:18] The response Dana gets from his high ticket book purchasers.
  • [20:48] How to write your own high ticket book. Dana really tells us, so listen up.
  • [27:31] The best way to locate the topic of your own high ticket book.

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