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Oct 5, 2017

This episode covers one of those topics that I don’t fully understand but I have to admit impresses me by the results it achieves. Sheevaun Moran is a woman who does something very unique in the business world - she applies what she calls “energy work” to the lives and businesses of entrepreneurs and business leaders - and the stories of success you’ll hear from her clients are nothing short of amazing. Be sure you listen to hear how Sheevaun has made a tremendous difference to the bottom line of some pretty high-level people.

Sheevaun’s experience isn’t only new-age stuff. She’s got solid business experience.

When you hear about someone who wants to help you “tap into energy” to accelerate your business you may dismiss them right way. But don’t do it. Sheevaun Moran spent many years in the pharmaceutical industry and she knows the challenge of long hours and the sacrifices it takes to be successful in business. She’s also worked alongside many startups to help them grow and become established. Her unique combination of those experiences with her study of energy work gives her a unique approach to move entrepreneurs from struggle to profits. It sounds too good to be true, but you’ve got to listen to this episode to hear what she’s got to share.

Sheevaun didn’t decide to hang out with Richard Branson until the 5th invite.

You’ve probably heard that Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin America has incredible hang-out parties on Necker Island (his private island). You’d think anyone who got an invite would be there when the next party started - but that’s not the case for Sheevaun Moran. She was invited 5 times before she decided that she’d take Richard up on his offer. She finally went because she wanted to know more about how Richard has been so successful. What she saw in the way he does business and thinks about life confirmed much of what she teaches and practices. You can hear the story of her time on Necker Island and the things she learned, on this episode of Just The Tips.

Your personality is going to get in the way of your soul until you refuse to let it.

It sounds strange to talk about issues of the soul in a business context, but Sheevaun Moran does it all the time. She brings her study and specialization in energy work to the business realm to help entrepreneurs level up. She says that most people who hear what she does are skeptical at first - and that’s their personality getting in the way of their soul, the part of them that intuitively knows that operating at a higher level of energy is what they really need. It’s a fascinating subject that I honestly don’t really get - but I feel there’s a lot for me to learn by pursuing it. So take some time and listen. I’d love to hear what you think.

The majority of people mute their access to the energy they need.

Sheevaun Moran says that the majority of people mute the access to the energy they need. I guess you could say that up to this point I’ve been one of them. Tapping into energy is not something I’d typically think of when I face an obstacle or challenge in business. But she says it’s exactly what we need to do instead of trying to logic everything to death. It’s a strange approach, but the results she gets for her clients is undeniable and intriguing. So, Dean and I dive into the conversation with Sheevaun on this episode of Just the Tips, and she jackhammers away at my resistance in more ways than one. Be sure you listen.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:07] Sheevaun operates in a realm that impacts all entrepreneurs but that they don’t know much about.
  • [6:01] The experience Sheevaun had hanging out with Richard Branson.
  • [11:08] The unique recipe used to build success.
  • [15:16] How the majority of people mute their access to the energy they need.
  • [21:05] The best ways to explore what Sheevaun provides for her clients.
  • [26:22] The scenarios that you could find yourself in after this episode.

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