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Jul 25, 2017

After you hear this inaugural episode of Just The Tips you’re going to realize that it’s time to stop listening to some of the stuff that’s clogging your podcasting app so you can make room for the best podcast for business in the entire world. I’m James P. Friel and my friend Dean Holland and I have teamed up to bring you our campy, fun brand of humor along with amazing guests who have not only become successful in business but have also become outstanding people in the process. So - fun AND business success, all rolled up in one tasty audio package. What more could you want? It’s clearly the best business podcast in the entire world! ;)

You’ll spend more money figuring it out than you will paying to learn what you need to learn.

Before launching into a slew of amazing guests in future episodes, Dean and I thought it would be helpful if you got a tiny peek into what the two of us have been through on the way to our own versions of business success. Dean was broke and stubborn way back when, and he tried everything in the book to figure things out on his own. But after 4 years of struggling, he had an epiphany: he’d spent more money trying to figure out how to make money than he would have if he’d simply found an expert and paid them to teach him. Success loves company - especially if you pay to become that company. Don’t miss Dean’s story… he’s a guy who learned the hard way and is crushing it now helping others do the same.

As long as you are on a learning trajectory, being financially broke is not a permanent condition.

James P. Friel - sounds like a classy name of a successful individual, right? It’s not - or maybe I should say that in whatever way it is, it wasn’t always so. I’m James, and I grew up poor and consequently had no money as I entered college. While I was waiting on my student loans to come (so that I could eat) I decided that I needed to figure out some way of making money that wasn’t mowing lawns, so I headed to the bookstore. That’s where I started on what I call a “learning trajectory,” and I haven’t slowed down since then. My personal experience has convinced me that as long as you are learning, “broke” is never a terminal condition. If you’ll take the time to listen to this episode, you’ll understand what I mean - and you will also get to hear the first ever episode of the best podcast in the entire world!

The recipe for success: Decide what you want and persist until you win.

Since Just the Tips is undeniably the best podcast in the entire world it only makes sense that you’ll get amazing business ideas and tips when you listen. One of those amazing tips, that we talk about on this first episode is this: If you want to succeed, it’s pretty simple - Decide what it is that you want to achieve and persist until you get it. That’s it. Simple - but not easy. How do you develop that kind of persistence? By putting yourself on a learning trajectory. Find out what we mean by that, on this episode of Just The Tips.

Forget about boring Q & A podcasts. We make fun of our guests and learn from them at the same time.

My buddy Dean and I figured that there were enough of the “Ask a question, listen to an answer” podcasts out there. And we don’t like them. They tend to be dry, predictable, and plain boring. It seems like you’d have to work really hard to be that boring, but so many podcasters are doing it, I guess not. Anyway - we decided to take a different approach. A fun approach. We do have guests. We do ask questions. But we make fun of each other and our guests as we do. It’s like a natural conversation where you poke fun and grow the relationship at the same time. Right? Who’s with me? Let’s do this! It’s the best podcast in the entire world - Just The Tips!

Outline of This Episode


[0:41] Should you be excited or nervous about this show? You be the judge!

[3:20] How you can know if this is the show for you - or not.

[4:10] Who IS the man, the myth, the legend that is Dean Holland?

[7:26] The turning point for Dean’s journey: Get help from people who know.

[10:51] So who IS the wisdom that is James P. Friel?

[17:48] What kind of guests are going to be on this show? The best kind. :)

Resources & People Mentioned

BOOK: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Music for “Just The Tips” is titled, “Happy Happy Game Show” by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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