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Oct 26, 2017

These days, you can sell products on Amazon or through your mailing list and either way, will work. But you'll get loads more immediate success if you follow a carefully devised product launch plan. Jeff Brewer has spent the past several years studying the most successful product launch marketers to learn exactly what that plan is - and on this episode of Just the Tips, he goes deep with Dean and me to explain it. What is a product launch? How does it work? What are the best strategies for positioning your launch and maintaining the attention spans of those who express interest? Jeff provides the answers to those questions and more - and this guy knows what he’s talking about - his latest client realized over $300K in 3 days. Make sure you listen to hear how Jeff’s system could help you.

Don’t know what a product launch is? Jeff Brewer spells it out on this episode.

It’s entirely possible that you’re new to the internet marketing and product sales space, so you may not know exactly what it means to launch a product systematically. Dean and I have invited Jeff Brewer on the show to help you with that learning curve. Jeff’s a guy who became intrigued with the concept of product launches and very quickly saw the power that a well-conceived product can have in a market when it’s launched to the public effectively. So he made it his business to study every aspect of successful product launches and now serves many big name companies and clients by helping them successfully launch products multiple times per year. You'll hear Jeff tell his story and explain how a product launch plan could work for you, on this episode.

What would it mean for your business to get 6 figures of income in 3 days?

There are many people who are skeptical that it’s even possible to make multiple 6 figures in just 3 days, but that’s exactly what one of Jeff’s newest clients just did. How did it happen? The client hired Jeff to help them create a product launch plan for their newest $900 product. And that kind of success is not only possible for people who already have products in place. He’s even helped people and service businesses without a product build one and sell it with fantastic results in just 6 weeks. You’ve got to hear Jeff’s story so you can understand that we’re not blowing smoke, this stuff really works.

Is a product launch something that will work for you? Here’s how you can tell.

One of the things Dean and I wanted to know from our guest, Jeff Brewer was whether or not certain kinds of businesses do better with product launches than others. In other words, is the success of this approach limited in any way? Jeff says he’s seen his product launch plan work for product sales, online courses and communities, masterminds, and even service based businesses. That’s a pretty wide swath of businesses - which leads us to believe this might even work for you. Listen to Jeff’s explanation of how his process works to decide if you should consider an approach like this to increase your revenue.

Attention spans are diminishing. How can a multi-stage product launch plan still work?

Dean Holland is just the guy to bring a pertinent question to a discussion and on this episode, he was curious about how the diminishing attention spans of people are impacting the way product launches are being done. The typical product launch happens over a number of days and Dean’s concern was that people simply wouldn’t hang around to see the end of the launch and have the opportunity to make the purchase the launch was designed to produce. So he asked our guest Jeff Brewer, what impact he’s seen attention spans have on product launches. Want to hear the answer to Dean’s great question? You’ll have to listen to find out.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:41] Why Jeff Brewer is on the show to talk about his product launch plan.
  • [2:15] Jeff’s experience in digital marketing and how he came to specialize in product launches.
  • [3:41] Do you know what a product launch is? Jeff’s about to tell you.
  • [6:44] A case study to demonstrate the power of effective product launches.
  • [12:45] How to know if a product launch is a good fit for you and your products.
  • [19:44] Jeff’s upcoming newsletter to explain how you can create effective launches yourself.
  • [23:44] Working to keep attention spans over the course of a launch.
  • [30:53] How you can connect with Jeff and Launch Hacker Lab.

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