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Sep 17, 2020

The ability to make decisions, and make them fast, is critical for any entrepreneur, because very often it’s the decisions you don’t make that will stall, or even destroy, your business.


Uncomfortable, intimidating decisions are the ones most likely to trip you up. It seems easier to kick the can down the road...

Sep 10, 2020

Most entrepreneurs salivate at the thought of high-ticket offers. Make more money working with fewer clients. A dream come true, right?


But what does it REALLY take to create a high-ticket offer people want enough to pay a high-ticket price?


That’s what Tyler Kemp, this week’s guest, is going to reveal.


Sep 3, 2020

Productivity and accomplishment--the double edged swords of entrepreneurship. Setting and hitting goals are an absolute must to build and grow a successful business. So is being productive.


Yet it’s SO easy to become so focused on goals and being productive, you end up anxious and miserable, because you’re always...