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May 13, 2021

In its nearly 200-episode (and counting) run, Just The Tips has welcomed several of the top marketing minds on the planet to share their best business-building marketing tips. In this week’s episode, James and Dean have gathered the best of the best of these marketing tips from recent episodes.


You’ll hear about...

May 6, 2021

Back in episode 193 of Just The Tips, James and Dean covered several foundational steps you need to have in place before you create a perfect sales pitch. They included: Who are you serving? Who are the RIGHT people for your offer? Why are they the right people? 


And, of course, why selling isn’t selfish--it’s a...

Apr 29, 2021

Ever have days you can’t wait to leap out of bed, and before you know it, 12 hours have passed and you realize you didn’t even eat?


And how about days where, no matter how many hours you sit in front of the computer, nothing positive or productive happens?


How far up the success ladder you climb is determined by...

Apr 22, 2021

Most entrepreneurs don’t start out thinking of themselves as leaders. Besides an entrepreneur, you might see yourself as a product creator, service provider, coach, marketers, copywriter, or any other number of titles.


Then your business hits a point where you can’t do everything yourself, you bring on a team,...

Apr 15, 2021

You’re probably all too familiar with both ends of the sales spectrum. On one end are people unwilling to sell anything, because they feel slimy at the thought of selling. At the opposite end are people willing to sell you swampland in Florida if it means they can make a quick buck.


When you have something...