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Oct 3, 2019

Are you ready to start hiring like a boss? Are you ready to grow your business but unsure what the process should look like? In this episode of Just the Tips, Dean and I unpack the hiring process. We cover what not to do, clarifying the position you’re hiring for, and asking the right kind of questions. This is one you don’t want to miss!

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:40] Launching ‘Hiring Like a Boss’ 
  • [3:35] Transitioning to growing a team
  • [9:00] The wrong way to start
  • [13:50] Clarify the job description
  • [18:20] People don’t just know what needs to be done
  • [22:45] What next steps to take
  • [26:00] A resume paints an incomplete picture
  • [29:30] Craft an application that asks the right questions
  • [34:30] Does your vision of success line up?
  • [37:40] Create a magnetic hiring funnel
  • [39:15] Hire Like a Boss course

Don’t wait until you’re desperate to start hiring

How much will it cost you to hire the wrong person?

Too often, entrepreneurs get to a place where they are desperate for help and ready to hire the first person they come across. Take it from me—I literally recruited a cashier from Bed Bath & Beyond—as I was checking out—to come work for me. Shocker, she didn’t work out in the long-term.

On the flip-side, one of James’ first hires was a friend. Mid-conversation he was all “Hey, it would be fun if you came to work with me!”. While hiring friends can work out, it’s the easy way out—and it’ll either work really well or destroy your friendship. 

When you’re under pressure and hiring out of desperation you make the worst decisions. You can’t wait to hire until you’re hurting. Do not find yourself trapped in the ‘anyone will do’ mindset. Keep listening as we strategize what you should be doing instead. 

Hiring like a boss starts with clarifying the role

It may seem like the logical approach but is surprisingly overlooked quite often. You need to take a few minutes and clarify the role you’re hiring for. 

What does it look like now and what will the role look like in the future? 

What type of person would be the best fit for the role?

What type of company culture are you building?

Clarify the exact job description and day-to-day tasks for the role because—guess what—you can’t expect someone to just know what they’re supposed to do. If you clarify someone’s job description well before hiring you’re setting yourself up for success. Want to hear more? You know what to do.

A resume is only a snapshot of what you need to know

So what does the next step look like? This one is easy! Take your job description that's properly laced with your clear expectations and send it out into the world. Let it be known on social media that you’re hiring. Post on sites like Indeed, Monster, or ZipRecruiter.

Wait for those resumes to pour in!

But realize you’re going to need so much more. Because a resume is an incomplete picture of what you need to know—you’re only seeing what the candidate wants you to see. A large number of people have admitted to lying (or stretching the truth) on their resume. So what do you do to better whittle down the pool of candidates?

Create an application that asks the right questions

So you’ve got your job description hashed out and the world knows you’re hiring. Now what? Your next very critical step is crafting an application that asks the right questions—to weed out the wrong people.

Build non-negotiables into it. Choose questions where you know the answer you’re looking for. If the question is answered incorrectly—or below your standards—immediately discard that resume. This significantly speeds up the process of wading through hundreds of applications.

Cover the questions you’d want to ask in a preliminary interview. What companies have they worked for? Does it fit your niche? Can they give you samples of their work? How do they handle project management?

For more hiring tips, listen to the rest of the episode now! For some of my hiring secrets, check out my brand new course—Hiring Like a Boss!

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