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Dec 26, 2019

What’s your superpower? What makes you tick as an entrepreneur and a human being? Entrepreneur’s in the early stages of building a business reach a “no man’s land” where they struggle to move forward and gain traction. Joe Trodden joins us in this episode of Just the Tips to talk about changing your mindset—and finding your superpower. 

After following a traditional path and getting a degree in Law, Joe Trodden changed his life and studied Psychology. Joe is now the CEO of Mindset Experts and specializes in helping entrepreneurs change their mindset and find their superpower. If you’re ready to level-up and scale-up your business, listen to this episode!

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:30] Joe Trodden guest stars!
  • [3:50] You must focus inward
  • [7:15] You’re shaped by your beliefs
  • [10:45] What is mindset?
  • [14:15] Why is Dean Ebenezer Scrooge? 
  • [17:55] Core strategies that help guide you
  • [22:40] Set an alarm to practice mindfulness
  • [25:55] It’s about knowing yourself
  • [27:10] Cognitive diversity: multiple valid perspectives
  • [30:35] Connect with Joe

What’s your superpower?

What is your unique ability? What sets you apart? What gets you in a state of flow? Joe spent years working with entrepreneurs working to launch their businesses. He found that it’s so much easier to identify strengths in other people, but hard to figure out your own.

To create a strategy that will propel your business forward, you must leverage your superpowers. To do that, you need to know what they are. You need to focus on a couple of things that you do best—and build a team around you to handle the rest.

Keep listening to hear some of Joe’s strategies for determining your superpower. 

Change your entrepreneurial mindset

According to Joe, “Mindset is every cognitive function that goes on inside your head that is shaping your entire perception and lens on the world”. It is everything that makes you who you are. Joe points out that there are 100 trillion potential (neural) connections in your brain.

You are actively shaping your perception of the world and how it works. 

I love the mantra “The world you live in is shaped by the beliefs you have. Change your beliefs and you’ll change your world”. What belief is holding you back? Is it motivated by fear?

Are you afraid that if you step back from doing everything in your business that it will collapse? 

Or that you’ll never find qualified people to join your team?

It’s not just a thought experiment. You need to shift the way you see the world and change your mindset to see progress in your leadership abilities and your business.

Core strategies that help change your mindset

I believe that multiple perspectives can be had in any given situation. Knowing your superpower gives you a deeper appreciation of what others see. So how do you begin to learn your superpower? And how to change your mindset? Here are a few tips from Joe: 

  • What puts you in a state of flow? Joe points out when you’re in a state of flow you feel energized, focused, and lose track of time. You’re at the height of your ‘superpower’. 
  • Take the Myers-Briggs test. Learn how you tick and what drives you.
  • Be hypervigilant. When emotions kick in, learn to take a step back and evaluate what is causing those emotions. 

Getting to know yourself on a deeper level is key to change your mindset and worldview. It allows you to focus on what you do best. Then you can focus on building a team and scaling your business.

Learn how to counteract your triggers

Joe points out that to become an effective leader you need to be mindful of your emotions. Do you feel yourself getting defensive? Take a moment to step back and identify what’s triggering you, and change the course of the conversation.

Take progressive action to become more consciously aware of what’s going on. Joe knows himself well. He knows his triggers and has learned to take moments throughout the day to check his emotions, figure out what’s triggering those emotions, and move forward. 

In the end, a business is a group of people working together to reach the same goal. If you know yourself and know your superpowers, you are better equipped to help others find theirs. You’ll be primed and ready to become a better leader. 

Joe talks in detail about mindset, flow, cognitive diversity, and so much more. Be sure to listen to the whole episode of Just the Tips!

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