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Oct 12, 2017

You’ve seen them. Maybe you’ve even purchased one yourself. It’s hard to deny the prevalence and power of online courses. They’ve opened up an entirely new and effective way of learning for the digital age. But you may have the idea that only “experts” create online courses. Nothing could be further from the truth - and on this episode of Just The Tips, Megan Harrison tells us why anyone can and should create an online course. You’ll be surprised at the simple but powerful reasoning Megan uses to demonstrate why you (yes, YOU) have something inside you that others are dying to learn. Her advice is worth hearing and applying immediately because it could create a business and lifestyle you never thought possible.

Does developing an online course sound intimidating? You need just in time learning.

Lots of people who try to develop an online course on their own get bogged down in the details - and it’s understandable, there are tons of things to keep track of - from technical aspects of website building, to video creation, to curriculum development. But the amount of stuff you need to learn doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Megan Harrison says you can do it simply and powerfully through following the philosophy of “just in time learning.” Never heard of it? Megan describes it in an easy-to-understand way on this episode and I think you’ll agree, it’s the approach that makes course creation possible for anyone. Yes, anyone.

Can anyone develop an online course?

You may not think you are enough of an “expert” to create an online course. But you are. There is something you know or something you’ve experienced that others are scouring the internet to learn at this very moment. And what’s even more important is that some of those people are dying to hear that information presented through a perspective and personality just like yours. Really, it’s true. If you don’t believe me, listen to this conversation between Dean, myself, and Megan Harrison. She’s an online course creation specialist who has not only built her own successful courses but has also helped others do the same thing, in all kinds of niches and industries. Megan knows how to help you get your special knowledge out of your head and into a course. Don’t wait. This amazing woman can help you make the changes you’re wanting to make.

The biggest benefit you provide by creating an online course is short-cutting the learning curve.

Why do people buy online courses? Have you ever given the question much thought? Of course, they want to learn things, but more importantly, they want to learn things quickly. That’s why you should consider helping them do it. Your area of specialization or your experience is likely just the thing somebody out there is looking to learn, so why wouldn’t you take 6 weeks to create a course that shows them exactly how to do it in record time? Megan Harrison is our guest on this episode of Just The Tips and she explains the step by step recipe she uses to help others build successful online courses. You’ll learn a ton, so make the time to listen

If someone has already done what you want to do, seek them out and learn from them.

I hope you’re convinced that you have something to offer the world because you do. But you may not have a clue about how to make that offer effectively and profitably. What do you do if that’s the case? You learn from the people who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish. You follow their example. You do what they did to get to the place they are. Megan Harrison says that’s what she did to become an expert in the development of online courses and insists that anyone can do the same thing. The internet has a lot to offer - and much of it for free. Why not take advantage, put that big old brain of yours to work, and leverage your learning into something great?

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:40] Our expert on online courses: Megan Harrison.
  • [2:20] Megan’s journey from hospital administration into the entrepreneurial world.
  • [10:18] How Megan jumped from social media management to course creation and membership sites.
  • [14:04] Megan’s recipe for creating an online course and WHO should create a course.
  • [22:17] Tips for staying focused and getting it done once you start building your online course.

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