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Jun 14, 2018

Today’s episode of Just the Tips sets a world record for Quickest Burn on a Podcast with Dean laying into me not ten seconds in, but we right the ship in time to welcome an amazing guest, Mark Podolsky, a man known across the Internet as the Land Geek. Mark has done more than 5,200 land deals since 2001, and knows about as much as anyone about generating passive income through land investing. And while “land investing” may not sound like the most cutting-edge topic, Mark actually has a fascinating system that you’re going to want to hear about.

The Land Geek System

I think I can guarantee that Mark has a system that will blow your mind, and that you might have to rewind a couple times to catch it all. In his example, he looks up a 10-acre plot that the owner owes back taxes on (in this case, he uses me as the owner). He buys it from me at a steep discount to get those back taxes off my hands, and then he turns around and sells it to my neighbor (Dean) at market value. And if that doesn’t work? Then he has a whole system for turning that piece of land into passive income, but you’re going to have to listen to him walk us through it on this week’s episode of Just the Tips.

America’s hunger for land

I had to ask Mark how many of these deals are legitimately out there, and was surprised when he said there are billions of acres ready to be bought in America. And there are more buyers than you’d expect. He said it would take about 60 days to get your first land deal under your belt, and a lot of that consists of getting the right data from county officials and then scrubbing it the right way. But from there, it’s a niche worth exploring. And I asked him how much you can realistically make doing this, and he said $100,000 a month is not out of the question. It’s a really fascinating conversation, and one you’ll want to hear on this week’s Just the Tips.

The secrets to influencing others

Mark was really open with us about what happens to a land investor when the real estate market crashes, and it was definitely not a pretty picture for him. In 2010, 50% of his income went away overnight. He ended up selling off his house and his cars, and having to scale back his lifestyle dramatically. But now he says the business is going better than ever, and he’s picking up a lot of clients. In fact, he’s made an incredible offer for our listeners that you’re going to want to take advantage of. This is a must-listen episode of Just the Tips.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:09] What does it mean to be a land investor?
  • [8:56] How long it takes to get started
  • [13:37] How much can you make from this?
  • [14:38] How Mark got into the field
  • [20:00] What happened during the crash
  • [29:50] How to get in touch with Mark

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