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Nov 5, 2020

When most business owners that this week’s guest, Teresa Harding, has done a billion dollars in sales, they assume it’s because of things like on-target marketing, “killer Facebook ads,” and a great team. 


Those are all factors, yes, but they’re not THE reason. THE reason is because Teresa breaks the rules.  When someone tells her, “you HAVE to do it THIS way,” Teresa does it her way instead.


Tune into this episode of Just The Tips to get Teresa’s billion-dollar strategies for breaking the rules and creating your own so you can take your business to its next level.

Two mindsets that sabotage both new and experienced business owners

Teresa’s noticed the same sabotaging mindsets in both new business owners and experienced entrepreneurs: Limiting beliefs and fear of failure. These mindsets manifest in multiple ways, but the outcome’s always the same: Success is delayed or never achieved. Listen to this episode to ensure these mindsets aren’t holding you back. Their roots run deep.

When affirmations don’t work

Most successful people swear by affirmations. Yet a lot of people use affirmations and still aren’t experiencing the success they want. Since Teresa’s all about breaking the rules of what “everyone says” you “have” to do, she was pretty skeptical of affirmations. Then she decided to try them HER way. You’ve got to hear what she did to create affirmations that actually WORK (and the results she got because of them).

Your biggest asset when closing the sale

“You are your biggest asset.” We hear it a lot, but as far as Teresa’s concerned, it’s a lie when it comes to closing the sale. You are not your biggest asset--your confidence is. So what do you do if your confidence isn’t rock solid? According to Teresa: You assume the sale. Before you even get on the phone, or sit down to write the copy, you assume the sale is a done deal. For Teresa’s billion dollar tips on exactly how to do that, check out this episode.

How to eliminate buyer uncertainty

Fear of the unknown stops us in countless different ways, including making a purchase. That’s why ensuring your prospects feel comfortable buying from you is a must. One way Teresa successfully closes sales is by eliminating buyer uncertainty with her “action items” strategy. It works in webinars, on sales copy, on the phone, in emails - wherever you’re closing a sale. Tune in to hear exactly how you can implement Teresa’s “action items” strategy in your business.

Why complication kills conversions

A confused mind doesn’t buy, which is why Teresa advocates making it as easy as possible for people to buy from you. To drive this point home, James shares a story about a frustrating trend in one of his businesses. People ready to buy would add a lot of things to their shopping cart, yet few ever completed their purchase. After some digging, James figured out that the checkout process on this particular website was painfully complicated. That complication was costing him money in the form of lost revenue, because again, a confused mind doesn’t buy. Tune into this episode to hear how you can avoid confusing your customers into NOT buying.

Outline of This Episode

  • Why it’s never too late to start [6:55]
  • Two things that stop most people [11:00]
  • Failing your way to success [14:03]
  • What to look at first when your business hits a wall [18:30]
  • How to get better at failing so you can succeed [24:31]
  • Your biggest asset in closing the sale [33:03]
  • Tell your prospects what to do next [39:10]
  • Complication is the death of sales [45:10]

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