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Aug 17, 2017

Lead conversion. It’s the lifeblood of any business because success isn't possible if you can’t make clients or customers out of those who express interest in your product or service. There are many ways you can go about lead conversion, but one of the best is webinars. On this episode of Just The Tips, Dean and I chat with a guy we’re super impressed with, Joel Erway. Joel is the founder of The Webinar Agency and has perfected his own recipe for successfully converting leads into customers using webinars. On this episode you’re going to hear Joel describe his journey from broke to boom through the use of webinars and how he has leveraged that expertise to help businesses of all types use webinars to increase profits.

From broke to business success all on account of webinars. Joel Erway’s story.

Joel Erway already had a sales background when he was first introduced to the online space. He invested the money to go through one of the top masterminds available - Russell Brunson’s $10K program - and left the program telling Russell he didn’t know what he was talking about. Fast forward a few years: Joel came back to Russell with his tail between his legs and an eagerness to learn what he needed to know in order to make himself successful in online business. It was during that season he learned about webinars, got his hands dirty building them, and saw immediate success. Joe’s story is fascinating so I hope you take the time to hear him tell it.

Do you know what a “lead in” offer is? More importantly, do you know how to use it effectively?

It’s very unlikely that anyone can put together a webinar and simply blast it out over social media to great success. You have to understand where your prospects are at in the buying cycle as well as where the market, in general, is at in relation to your product or service. That’s how you develop the ideal “lead in” to get people interested. If you skip this step you’ll be putting on your webinars to the sound of crickets and your bottom line will suffer. In this conversation Dean and I chat with Joel Erway about lead ins for a significant part of the conversation. In his mind, it’s the vital thing you have to nail in order to make your webinar profitable. Listen and learn, my friends. Joel is the man when it comes to webinars.

Will webinars work for your business?

As we talked about the power of webinars on this episode, Dean asked Joel what he would say to a person who believes that webinars won’t work for their particular business. Joel laughed and said that people who say that are usually the same people who say the internet is dead or that email marketing doesn’t work anymore. His point is that webinars are a proven, effective tool for lead capture and conversion. The principles that make webinars work for one type of business can be applied to any business, large or small - ecommerce or service-based. Find out why Joel is so confident that every business should be using webinars, on this episode.

Can a webinar be used to sell this makeup brush kit? Joel Erway weighs in.

Dean is in the middle of developing and launching a new product bundle - a makeup brush kit - by means of a webinar. His approach is to create an educational webinar that teaches women how to use all 10 of the brushes provided in the kit he’s selling. He believes that great instructional material coupled with a great product offering should result in big sales. On this episode, Dean asks Joel Erway to weigh in on his approach and Joel has some specific things to say about how the campaign could work. This is as practical as it gets, so be sure you listen.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:10] Why Joel is the webinar king and what he sees as the key to making money with them.
  • [4:40] Where Joel’s passion for webinars came from.
  • [9:14] The Joel Erway Pixie Dust formula for tweaking webinars for success.
  • [17:16] What if you don’t think webinars will work for your business?
  • [20:45] Dean’s current webinar development and Joel’s insights about it.
  • [28:30] Connect with Joel now!

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