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Oct 24, 2019

Dean and I are strong advocates of attending events for entrepreneurs. It could be a mastermind group, a yearly conference, or any sort of entrepreneurial live event. You need to get out and mingle with some of the greatest minds in the business world—and learn from those who are next level businessmen and women. This episode of Just the Tips is dedicated to what we learned from the event we recently attended.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:00] Attend Events for Entrepreneurs
  • [5:30] Deans #1 takeaway from the week
  • [7:25] The benefits of social media
  • [14:30] Deliver an experience to remember
  • [18:45] Customer journey mapping 
  • [21:10] Celebrate your accomplishments
  • [23:45] Sales funnel order bump tip
  • [27:30] Service as a service
  • [30:10] Choose key events to be a part of

Why attending events for entrepreneurs can be so powerful

Attending events with other like-minded individuals allows you to be around people who truly understand you. They’re on the same entrepreneurial journey as you are. You’re able to learn from the best of the best. You get a break from the day-to-day of your business, be creative, and focus time on thinking strategically.

It could lead to some of your biggest breakthroughs.

Dean struggled when he was building his business. It was an event he attended that helped him break through that struggle. Being surrounded by people on the same level as you and learning from each other—it’s powerful. We are putting on an event coming up in 2020, check out the link in our show notes!

The importance of social media cannot be emphasized enough

I’ll admit that I haven’t been on board with the social media craze. I’ve been hesitant to let it take over my life. I realized this week that I can create systems to leverage my time and find ways to serve my tribe—social media doesn’t have to consume all of it

The more visible you are the more you can help people come together to solve a common problem

Dean—amazingly—pointed out that you are doing a disservice to your market by not allowing them to find you and consume the content that you provide. Dean delivers a stunning example that demonstrates this concept well. Keep listening to find out what that is, and some examples of what you can do. 

Deliver the best experience possible

Russell Brunson talked about how they go about planning their events, and how they delve into every minute detail in the process. Down to the mindset attendees are in when they arrive at their conference. 

Was their flight delayed? 

Did they leave a sick child at home? 

Did they take time off from work? 

What can you do—from the moment they arrive—to deliver the best experience they could possibly have? You want them to believe attending your event was the right move. This doesn’t just have to apply to an event—how can you deliver the best experience on your website? On social media?

Keep listening as Dean and I chat about customer journey mapping and real-life examples of the strategy in play. 

Is it time for a Hustle Detox?

We got to hear Stacy Martino speak on the topic of celebration. As entrepreneurs, we forget that we need to celebrate our accomplishments. We can’t just set them aside and continue hustling. Take time to detox from the hustle and truly celebrate reaching your goals. 

Also, you need to remember why you started your business in the first place.

You probably didn’t become an entrepreneur to spend all of your time working. Maybe you wanted more time with your family. Or you wanted more time to focus on things you are passionate about. Think about what your goals were (and are) and make sure you’re still in alignment. 

This episode is packed with some of the best tips we gather. Listen to the whole episode for the full spectrum of stellar advice. 

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